My Highly Sensitive Recovery – Part 14

by | Jul 4, 2018 | HSP Blog, My Highly Sensitive Recovery

Missed my last post? Read  Part 13 of My Highly Sensitive Recovery where I discuss the mental heath effects of HSPs not being taken seriously.

I am not suggesting that all HSPs pull up stakes and move to Hawaii! Not at all. That happens to be this HS woman’s calling to peace and healing. You must find yours!

Many of my patients dream of living in the Rocky Mountains, near a river, desert, or even in another country/culture of their calling, and yes, many near the ocean (I have learned that we’re nearly all water babies :). My response is to go for it CHOOSE to make it happen! I had an earlier calling and lived for 10 years in Europe in my 20’s and traveled the world from there. It was a phenomenal decade of growth, culture, global perspective, language and music study, and mind blowing spiritual expansion.

Is your current life conducive to a healthy body, mind, and spirit?

I’m encouraging you to look long and hard at the life you are living and ask yourself how conducive it is to a healthy body, mind and spirit? Is that house and huge mortgage really necessary for your happiness? Must you have or lease a new car every few years? Is that relationship more taxing than fulfilling? Are your children able to reach their full potential in the environment in which they are growing? Have you not dreamed of running your own business where you would use all your innate gifts and talents to potentially help others and/or enhance the beauty of the world? Do you not have a book in you to write and share with the world? I believe most HSPs do.

So many of my patients have extraordinary creative gifts and ideas to offer to the world, but their energy and self-esteem are often depleted because they haven’t learned enough about their trait. Or perhaps they are aware of their trait but they have not learned how to create the lifestyle that would help them to fully thrive.

HSPs thrive when running their own businesses …

I suggest to all my patients that they consider starting their own small businesses and work for themselves. There are different kinds of stressors to this lifestyle too, of course. The responsibilities can be enormous and there are risks. However, the benefits far outweigh the burdens for an HSP. It is truly the ideal lifestyle for an HSP to create their own small businesses so they can choose their own hours, colleagues, environments, vacations and daily life.

I would love to be able to help more beautifully unique HSPs recognize and honor their trait in this manner. For this reason and others, I have chosen to be vulnerable and share my personal journey with you. I sincerely wish for all of you to learn these vital lessons long before I did! I’m hoping the story of my highly sensitive journey and recovery from burnout (not sensitivity ;), will enlighten and inspire you to choose your wisest and highest Path in life as soon as possible. I believe that each of you can equally answer your soul’s highest calling in order to live your very best life!

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