My Highly Sensitive Recovery – Part 13

by | Jun 27, 2018 | HSP Blog, My Highly Sensitive Recovery

Missed my last post? Read  Part 12 of My Highly Sensitive Recovery where I discuss the long recovery time of any invasive procedure for HSPs.

In the world of psychology and mental health, maintaining ignorance that this trait isn’t real or is used as an excuse to be depressed or anxious, can result in tragic behaviors in those HSPs who aren’t taken seriously.

So many of my patients have shared their travails of countless mental health professionals, begging to be understood and so often misdiagnosed and misdirected to take the wrong medications or at very least the wrong dosages of them. I sincerely and sadly believe that many an HSP has left the earth far too early by accident (as I almost did), as well as at times with obvious intention. They surely felt terribly misunderstood for too long and could no longer bear the isolation and anguish.

Again … please question authority!

Yes, I am writing the paragraph below for the second time.

Question your doctors!

Do not take the full dose of anything until you discuss your sensitivity with your health care professional. Most introverted HSPs are highly respectful towards anyone in authority, especially doctors. We often feel it would be rude to assert ourselves and possibly appear to question their wisdom.

The good news is that in my personal experience (and that of many of my patients), most medical professionals will listen when a patient asks to try a lesser dose of a new medication. Then of course, there are those with holier-than-thou attitudes. 

If your physician is unable to trust that you know your body better than they do, then it’s probably time to look for a new provider!

My life mission is to help fellow HSPs to heal and flourish. There is so much to do and so many HSPs to reach and help.

On that note, it is good to change your environment and get away, even when you’re already living your ideal life. Not to mention a break from technology! Leaving phones and computers behind is like receiving a deep tissue brain massage for an HSP. We need it. We must have it. Eighty percent of our sensory stimulation comes into our brains through our eyes, therefore what I refer to as total blue-light boycotts are essential.

Even as I write this, I am at a jungle retreat center on the east side of the island, 2 hours from my home. What indulgence, you say? To already live in paradise and yet need to get away from your get away?

Yes! Even here in Hawaii, a 27/27 HSP like me is prone to over-helping, over-scheduling, compassion fatigue, resting too little, too little quiet time, etc. I need to be constantly aware and monitor my own wellness every day. Despite the fact that I’m living here in the land of my soul’s calling, I still must schedule time to get away from my routine and chores. If I’m not conscientious, I can slip towards that slippery burn-out slope again, even whilst living here in paradise.

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