My Highly Sensitive Recovery – Part 15

by | Jul 11, 2018 | HSP Blog, My Highly Sensitive Recovery

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Despite my earlier litany of debilitating diagnoses, I now swim a full mile in this warm glorious Pacific ocean 3-4 times each week. It is my spiritual sanctuary and my bliss. I could (and will) write much more about my ocean experiences and passions in the future.

I crew on a 56 ft catamaran where I started a small side business of “Charitable Cruises.” We take out hospice workers and volunteers to snorkel and swim with dolphins, manta rays, whale watch, or just relax and cruise the turquoise Pacific. It is a small token of appreciation for the tremendously vital work that Hospice does for families and the community (being a former hospice worker myself, I know all too well the exhausting demands of such a vocation).

On occasion we’re also honored to receive a Make a Wish Foundation recipient and offer them a day to play in the sea if they are still able. This venture fulfills another of my life long dreams which was to work on an ocean going vessel and help people at the same time.

All HSPs can create their own spiritual sanctuary.

To my own amazement, I revel in diving the mooring (or anchor) where I plunge down 10-20 ft with a single breath (with my once terminally diagnosed lungs) and attach a line to the underwater buoy or check that the anchor is well positioned.

These are dreams within dreams all coming true at the ripening age of 57. Not only do I embrace being a psychotherapist, world traveler, linguist, classical vocalist, composer, writer … I’m now also a sailor in training! Something I barely dreamed I would have the chance to do. I can scarcely believe it is all a reality and of my own making. My bucket list will need to be updated!

Healthy HSPs are naturally high achievers, therefore there are plenty more adventures to which I aspire (like finishing my pilot’s license and writing a few books!). However, they will be approached in a very different manner than before. I will never again attempt them at a frenzied pace that taxes my highly sensitive body and soul. I am celebrating out loud with you what took me a lifetime to achieve and hopefully sustain and enjoy for another few decades to come. I’ve encountered mountains of obstacles (only a few mentioned here), and yet I did rise above them once I learned how to treat my Highly Sensitive Self with kindness and compassion. Still many more mountains to climb!

My wish is to celebrate these victories with YOU … my beautiful, resilient HSP tribe and hope to open the door for all of you to create your own new life rhythm. A life rhythm in which you will be able to live your highest dreams and visions without burning yourself out before you get there. I want you all to rise above life’s hurdles and achieve your dreams long before I did!

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