The Heart of COVID-19: HSP Reflections and Sheltering Suggestions

by | May 15, 2020 | HSP Blog

Comments and Reflections from some of my HSP clients

“I left Hawaii for the mainland with one suitcase and none of my other favorite things … and I’m amazed that I’m fine without all my other stuff!”

From a teacher who had to transition to teaching high school online; “Now when I’m tired of all the side conversations in the online classroom, I can just push MUTE to ignore the chatter … I LOVE IT!

“I feel like I can breathe for the first time working from home and not constantly driving, sitting in traffic, or running to meetings.”

“I’ve never seen my child so happy! He’s got both mom and dad in the house together all day for the first time, and he is just so happy all day.”

“My pets have never been so happy to have more walks and cuddles all day!”

“We have never gotten this creative with cooking, baking, coloring, drawing, making funny videos, etc. We’re having a lot of fun!”

“I’m an HSP introvert and I’ve never felt so happy to be home alone and not feel guilty about it for the first time in my life … I don’t have to justify wanting to stay home!”

“I’m seeing/meeting my neighbors for the first time … and I like them!”

“My house has never been this clean or my closets and cupboards so organized.”

“We’re living on savings but at least we can make love without being in a hurry!”

Sheltering Suggestions; A Few Ideas to Pass the Time!

  • Journal! A little or a lot. Give all these feelings an outlet and maybe discover new parts of yourself and a new love of writing more deeply.
  • Write about your dream job or career. What would it take? List the steps.
  • Meditate! Look up the hundreds of ways to meditate. It might surprise you.
  • Read a book together with your partner about relationship-enhancing skills
  • Write emails to those you’ve wanted to write to for months or years.
  • Make or buy cards. Good old fashion cards that you write in by hand … and send!
  • Perhaps resolve a resentment, offer and accept forgiveness, open your heart fully for the first time in a long time.
  • Read those dusty books on the shelf or those in your Kindle queue.
  • Learn gentle or active yoga online or make up your own routine.
  • Thrive in the kitchen with cooking and baking and getting super-fun-creative!
  • Get out your old ukulele, guitar, clarinet, keyboard, etc. Or order one. There are online classes for just about any instrument under the sun. Including singing!
  • Create zany new games for yourself, your children, or grandchildren.
  • Write your memoirs looking back on your life thus far! Think of the legacy you would want to leave someday.
  • Attempt poetry or lyrics or offer to the world what you might have composed long ago.
  • Do “The Panic Dance.” When you feel panicky, simply dance it out! Dance and shimmy, jump and jitter, spin and twist, stomp your feet, anything … just shake it out!
  • Find your favorite music from years ago … listen and get lost in the reverie.
  • Write Marriage Vows to your Higher Self about how you wish to treat your Self from here on out (It’s actually fun!) Very powerful and sets some excellent boundaries.
  • Make up silly songs or poems, video yourself, and send them to friends for a laugh (I wrote these 6 weeks ago and see what everyone is doing this now!)
  • Draw. Color. Paint. Tiles, stones, glass. Create, create, CREATE!
  • Buy a box, add soil and some tomato seeds (or?) and watch them grow.
  • No matter if you’ve never tried any of these things, or you think you’re terrible at them or are a pro. Just try. Challenge yourself. Surprise yourself!


  • Remember: Nature is not sick. It does not have COVID-19. We can dive deep into walks in parks (that are open), forests, wade in a stream, take a quick dip in the cold ocean!
  • Sit and watch the ocean from your car (even from a distance if the beaches are closed).
  • Take in the sunrise, let alone the sunset.
  • There are few things as soothing and healing as witnessing healthy nature whilst in the silence of your Self.

The Push to Start Life Over

We can choose to see this as a totally unexpected chance to start life over! Create a more ideal life for yourself. Imagine that the sky is the limit and this “crisis,” is actually a golden opportunity of new beginnings.

Therefore, despite the anguish, sadness, grief, loss in the world … your world, YOUR STORY does not need to become consumed by it. I’ve had to practice all of this for myself (way before COVID and since) and wanted to share with you all as much as I can.

Care for those you can. Send your compassion to those you cannot take care of or to those you don’t even know. This can be a time of tremendous healing on so many levels and Self-discovery on so many other levels. Not to mention the healing that Mother Earth herself will never forget.


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