Tapping on the Fears with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

by | Jun 11, 2020 | HSP Blog

Remember that the point of Tapping is to first bring forward and then free negative feelings. By tapping on the meridians, we free the blocked chi (energy) that is stuck and not allowing our full energy to flow through our body (that ultimately keeps us feeling calm and peaceful). As we begin to feel better and more confident with the tapping, we learn to slowly tap out the negative and then invite in the positive.

Many of you have learned your skills and positions, but just in case, here are your positions:

Tap gently but strong enough to feel the contact.

  • Karate chop side of the hand
  • Under your eyebrow close to your nose
  • On the side of your temple (the bone next to the eye)
  • On the bone under your eye
  • Under your nose
  • Under your lower lip
  • Under your collar bone
    • 2 inches below collar bone where it’s tender
  • Under your arm
    • down where the top of a bra strap would be
  • Crown of the head
    • the very tip of the head, more towards the back than you think

Before you begin, remember to scale your “Subjective Units of Distress” (SUDs). In other words, ask yourself and your body how much is this emotion or feeling of distress impacting you and your well-being. On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the very worse/highest impact), and remember your number.

Here are 2 phrases, for example, to TAP on

  1. “Even though there is still plenty to be scared about with this COVID-19 crisis, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”
  2. “Even though I’m SO anxious that I or a loved one might get sick, I deeply and completely love and trust myself.”

Then, check back in on your subjective units of distress. Has your SUD number decreased? Continue tapping on each stressful thought or emotion until you are able to decrease your distress down to a “1” or “zero.”

NEXT; Try tapping and see if you can slowly change the focus of the tapping to more positive ideas (without the 2nd phrase of “I deeply and completely …”). Just keep moving from position to position while saying phrases in order to allow all the conscious (and subconscious) feelings to come forward and be recognized.

For example:

“Even though I am still anxious about this virus … I allow these feelings as normal emotions … it’s okay that I am feeling this way … and even though I know this virus is potentially dangerous … thousands of people are recovering from it … and I know that I am pretty healthy … and we know that this too shall pass … and soon life will return to normal … and I can go back to work … and we’ll all be free to get together again … and hug our friends again … ”

Try to take it from there yourself and see what comes up. You’re reassuring your mind and body that you’re okay, everything will be okay because this is all temporary.

Further Tapping Skills or Subjects Needed?

If you’re still feeling uncertain about your tapping skills, you can google YouTube of Nick Ortner (guru of tapping), and search for any emotion you’re feeling.

Google “Nick Ortner tapping on fear/anxiety/COVID/grief” (choose one) and you’ll most likely find a video to watch.

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