My Highly Sensitive Recovery — Part 5

by | May 2, 2018 | HSP Blog, My Highly Sensitive Recovery

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Imagine life for we folks who over process such subtle information, are easily over-stimulated and acutely aware of every feeling in a harsh world of non-sensitive people. Not to mention profound reactions to war, violent nightly news, political fiascos, unexpected deaths, and the other slings and arrows of human existence?

Minimize Over-Stimulation with internal and external lifestyle changes

Not that HSPs are fragile (far from it), but we can often be traumatized and over-stimulated by the harsh world every other hour of the day if we’re not careful. Careful meaning if we haven’t learned a new internal and external life-style that is conducive to thriving in a non-sensitive world. Imagine fielding an Indy 500 of thoughts and feelings every hour of the day.

HSPs exhibit Phenomenal Inner Strength

The truth of the matter is that HSPs have phenomenal inner strength to bear and endure the vicissitudes of life. Do not think for a minute that we are not tough. We are tender for sure, compassionate to a fault, and yet stunningly resilient when we’ve been taking good care of ourselves.

One of my earliest memories in life was feeling different. I made friends easily enough all through school and yet I did not fit in. Though I was pretty and fun enough to be in a clique, I could not be as I just didn’t fit in as well as feeling too much pain for those gals who were not invited. I befriended those rejected, the poor, the disheveled, the disabled. I was a track star as the fastest sprinter, and yet I was still ostracized or I felt myself to be.

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