My Highly Sensitive Recovery – Part 17

by | Jul 25, 2018 | HSP Blog, My Highly Sensitive Recovery

Missed my last post? Read  Part 16 of My Highly Sensitive Recovery where I discuss my approach to therapy.

If you’re looking for a non-HSP therapist who had a perfect upbringing, grew up on a silver spoon, went to an Ivy League or an equivalent college, lived in an academic ivory tower, enjoyed perfect health, finished college at 24 and landed the ideal 6-figure job, married and had children early and struggled little to get where they are today… then we might not be the best fit.

However, if you’re looking for a fellow Highly Sensitive Person who has been in the sensitive trenches, limped through the HSP landmines, crawled through the muck of living amongst a slew of uncompromising non-sensitive people, who has known life-long physical disabilities, unemployment, worked a dozen jobs along the way, had a post-30 education at a humble State University and then grappled her way to a beautiful life and career, then here I am!

  As a healing, healthy HSP, I must practice what I preach!

In closing, I also tell my clients that as an HSP, I no longer accept to over-work. Whereas many therapists may see 25-30 patients per week, I cannot and will not do that in a quest for the almighty dollar. After the slings and arrows of a long and arduous road to arrive here as a self-compassionate, healing, sensitive human being, I finally choose to live a more simple life. Therefore, I see 15-18 clients per week and make it work personally and financially … because it is so worth it.

Sessions can be deep and intense (depending on the treatment and traumas), so I must be sharp and fresh and completely present for each of my clients. A highly sensitive therapist can not do that 30 times per week. Or at least in my opinion … they can’t do it well. If they can, then I humbly take my hat off to them!

For these reasons, I am sharing this portion of my journey with the world at large. More of my story is to come in my book “Addicted to Silence.” I’m sure I will receive many sorts of commentary about my openness and sharing, and that’s okay. I am happy to field such commentary. I’ve paid my dues. I’ve climbed Mt Everest on so many personal and spiritual levels and I’m excited to help other HSPs do the same … and experience the high of High Sensitivity. Trust me when I say that once you reach the summit … the air and views are absolutely exquisite!

Judy Johnson, MSW, LCSW

Light Hearts Counseling of Hawaii and California

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