My Highly Sensitive Recovery — Part 10

by | Jun 6, 2018 | HSP Blog, My Highly Sensitive Recovery

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The result of my 2 years in Hawaii is that many of the disorders I had manifested (yes, they are unwittingly manifestations of a punishing lifestyle), have subsided or are in the midst of being healed. As all of us are, I still and will always be a work in progress …truly a spiritual being having a human experience on this earth.

Healing from my past punishing lifestyle

Amazingly, I now take little to no medications, have significantly decreased many symptoms of suffering due to a total lifestyle change; from diet and meditations, sleep and exercise, to more downtime, healthier relationships, activities, gentler work schedules and much more. I am slowly changing them all and with extraordinary results.

I still have days with some pain due to the chronicity of osteoarthritis, multiple herniated discs and bone spurs compressing my spinal cord. Bones and cartilage may take a little longer to heal … but I’m working on it! I can feel myself healing on a weekly and monthly basis, and I find it all astounding. My morning and evening gratitude prayers grow ever richer.

I never submitted to the multiple emergency fusion surgeries that were insisted upon for the past 10 years and just before I made my move to the islands. I had a profound decision to make the year before I made the choice move to Hawaii. Stay in San Diego and follow through with the multiple major surgeries, or make the move and attempt to be healed in and by the islands. I allowed a month of deep contemplation, meditation and prayer. Then the moment arrived. No, I would not allow my sensitive sacred body to be cut into again or soldered with pins and plates and screws. I would take my chances. And they were significant chances as healthcare for major issues is less than ideal in Hawaii.

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