HSP’s and The Toxic News; Can We Avoid the Madness?

by | May 18, 2020 | HSP Blog

Madness or Miracles?

Yes, this is a time of supposed madness if we allow it. Are we the victim or victor of our experience? This is a time of great sadness for many and great healing for others. Healing comes in many forms. Learning to be alone with yourself and truly with your Self (or making time) is one of the greatest healing experiences we can have. When we learn that we are enough, sheltered in place, and yet endlessly expansive within our solitary being, the world becomes open and rife with unlimited possibilities. Perhaps we could awaken a deeper spirituality each day with the extra time that is now afforded to us.

Why Choose Toxic News?

It’s okay to read the statistics if you feel the need, but do not be drawn into the sensationalizing of the virus by some newscasts. Many of you know my “crocodile death roll” analogy (the mental spin room) whereby a slightly agitating thought can become inflated to the size of a hot air balloon. Alongside of that is the crocodile waiting and primed for you to go cascading over the waterfall; your thought-spinning renders you a vulnerable victim. The crocodile of catastrophe then grabs and takes you down to hold you at the bottom of the emotional swamp until you lose all conscious logic. The ability to think logically. Right?

Here is another analogy, listening to all the craziness that is out there about COVID-19, is like putting your head into a washing machine. It just shakes and soaks and rattles you with all those “what if’s?” And what comes after the agitation cycle on the dial? You got it, the spin cycle. Taking your mind into warp speed so that you don’t know which way is up or down, and losing all sight and sense of your personal reality.

Conspiracy Theories or Self Compassion?

Never have I seen such outrageous conspiracy theories. Those who live for it finally have endless time and fodder to fuel their many outlandish theories. I have opened a few links that were sent my way and I was speechless. Unfounded suppositions of who started the virus, what were their intentions, the revolution that is coming, the gathering of firearms, the one world govt, and so on.

Then again, who are we to judge what they choose to create, spin, and believe? Let them be and turn away. There is so much beauty to see out in the world instead (see earlier post of “positives perspectives” for examples).

Again, try not to engage in the conspiracy theory craze (or some of the current political antics), or you will be pulled into the vortex of their fear. I am asking this of you as highly sensitive people because the conspirator’s beliefs stem from a basis of fear and lack of critical thinking skills. As a result, their reactions are often hateful. Hatefulness and division and finger-pointing about the virus and finding anyone to blame rather than anything. (i.e. virus mutations!)

Danger: If You Choose to Partake

Their ideas are hyperbolic, exaggerated, inflammatory, hate-mongering, false-power-through-division, trying to wreak immeasurable damage. Having so much time on your hands is dangerous as they know they have a captive audience if you choose to partake. Please BEWARE of the endless theories and conjectures that are being presented all over social media. They are driven by severe and distorted internal fears rather than external facts.


We can avoid the madness if we so choose!

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