HSP’s and Staying Calm During COVID-19; Can We Stay Inside of Our Own Story?

by | Jun 1, 2020 | HSP Blog

We are each and every one of us fully capable of creating our own story around the COVID-19 crisis. Again, this may be seen as a time of great healing for many people to find themselves, learn to meditate, be with family, learn deeper Self-care. Or it can be a time of the most intense stress you have ever experienced. It really is up to you.


Do What You Can Within Your Boundaries

If you are able to reach out and help with the COVID-19 crisis, make masks, send donations, help with elderly neighbors or family members, then, by all means, do what you can within your personal and sheltering boundaries. Doing anything positive makes us feel better for sure!

Many people have seemingly endless stamina for these types of tasks during crises. They become the professionals in the medical profession, emergency medics, and the outreaches thereof. They are very often not highly sensitive people. Yes, they are sensitive, sympathetic, wonderful human beings who are not depleted by the innate mechanisms of overstimulation that we HSPs tend to experience. Accept and embrace that they are who they are as we need them greatly! We are exceedingly grateful for their gifts and amazing energy. However, HSPs cannot expect to live by such standards without serious repercussions. Our highly sensitive gifts are just as valuable, though we need to be wise about how we offer them to the world.

Highly Sensitive Empaths and Compassionate Beings

One of HSP’s many extraordinary gifts is our seemingly endless empathy for the world and the people in it. Our compassion and empathy allow us to feel (and energetically absorb) the pain of others and the pain in the world. We over-think it, over-feel it, over-own it. Right now there is so much real pain and anguish in the world, we will literally make ourselves very ill if we’re not careful.

How can we use our sensitive hearts for the good of others and ourselves?

This is where we must create and maintain our own internal story and try our best to live each day within that story. One of genuine caring for each other and our fellow humans, compassion for all, seeing and feeling beauty, expressing it to our loved ones, ourselves, and the world.

And as for the real pain in the world? (See my next post on Compassionate Detachment)

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