HSP’s and Crises; Can We Be Compassionate and Detached at the Same Time?

by | Jun 4, 2020 | HSP Blog

My Theory of Compassionate Detachment

If you know your own limits of energy, resources, geography and cannot directly contribute to this COVID crisis (other than sheltering and masking), then I invite you to offer to those suffering what I refer to as Compassionate Detachment. I developed this exercise in response to things outside of our control like tragedies, suffering, and people in pain. We HSPs tend to bleed for those in pain even though we did not cause the wound.

This entails closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, placing your hand on your heart, and sending the person in pain (or many), all the love and compassion your heart can offer. You can do this every time you hear new statistics and feel stunned by them, the new fatalities, the thoughts of the thousands who are impacted by new grief. Do this over and over, or as much as you feel called to do.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, exhale, place your hand on your heart. Feel your own heartbeat, allow a moment of gratitude for your beautiful beating heart. Now breathe into your heart, visualize the fullness of your heart, and your enormous capacity for caring. Take another deep breath. Then mentally and spiritually send them all the love and compassion that your heart and soul can offer.

Sending Compassion by Spiritual Express

I call this action “Sending Compassion by Spiritual Express.” Do it as many times as you feel the need, or until you feel a certain peace about it. You can visualize the person or group of people receiving your energy and feeling calmer because of it.

How the capturing and sending of that caring looks like to you is fine. It may feel awkward or foreign at first but it will soon feel very natural, very grounding, and very liberating.

Turn Your Attention Elsewhere

Then, turn your attention and energy elsewhere. Let go of it. Think of and visualize your very favorite place in the world that gives you great peace or joy. Allow yourself to daydream and linger there for a moment or two. It is a tremendous gift to give ourselves as well. It will become automatic soon enough and the resulting gifts will become more and more apparent. We can be compassionate and detached at the same time.

All Pain is Not on Your Shoulders

There is no reason to be a martyr at this time. The pain of the world does not have to be your responsibility or all on your shoulders. As an HSP, your compassion for them is heartfelt. Your ability to feel for them is beautiful yet you do not need to carry their pain for them.

We each must walk our own path while we’re here on earth. Bless them, send them love, healing, and compassion and then release them to continue on their path as you continue upon yours.

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