HSP and Me

by | Jan 23, 2017 | HSP Blog

Judy at Kua Bay

Photograph by Jenn Caulfield Piché

As a true HSP myself, I have been able to experience and incorporate my high sensitivity into my work and likewise into a much more healthy and productive life by embracing this inherent trait. Having realized the sheer relief of self-identifying as an HSP through Aron’s book and questionnaire, I sincerely wanted to share that with other HSPs who were struggling. I signed up to buy Aron’s later book “Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person,” and then took the exam. This enabled me to be listed on the HSP website for therapists in California (and later Hawaii).

For the next 6 years and currently, my private practice gently morphed into a clientele of 99% Highly Sensitive women. I could not be happier as finding my “nitch” in the therapy world also coincided with being able to cater to HS women. My practice gradually filled with extraordinary, beautifully unique highly sensitive women, from 19 to 83 years old. As a clinician it is so rewarding to welcome HSP’s high conscientiousness, motivation to heal, follow-through and receptivity to treatments. Most of my HSP clients arrive in moderate to deep depression, highly anxious, with panic attacks, in burnout, with serious self-esteem and self-doubt issues, multiple physical complaints, insomnia, unsatisfying jobs, etc. However, as with many of us, they lack the wherewithal to understand their own unhealthy life pace and patterns.

These gals inspired my life mission to work with HS women and empower them to heal themselves, while learning to respect and even celebrate this distinctive attribute. When they are taking much more sensitive care of their whole Being, HSP’s potential to thrive and contribute to a hurting world is without limit.

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