Diet and Caffeine for the HSP Body, Part II; Adrenal and Chronic Fatigue

by | May 21, 2017 | HSP Blog

A further reason for the caffeine farewell is I have found that a high percentage my HS clients may be suffering from “Adrenal Fatigue” which can be evidenced by the expert Dr. Wilson’s on-line comprehensive questionnaire ( It is not a simple nor quick ailment to treat, however, it is vital to recovering from burnout (from caregiving, over achievement syndrome, or any prolonged stressful environments). Yes, non-HSPs also suffer from these stressful activities and life events. However, HSPs are especially prone to such depletions from giving too much of themselves during such demanding times without considering their own health and well being. We are more prone to burnout and compassion fatigue than 80% of the population. This is due in part to our difficulty in regulating our CNS over-stimulation when called upon to perform such all encompassing tasks.

Based upon your scores, Dr. Wilson’s evaluation will lead you to his suggestions for recovery which also happens to include eliminating processed food, refined sugar and caffeine from your diet for awhile (or doing your best at least to limit your intake of them).

By the same token, clients who are struggling with Adrenal Fatigue may also very well be suffering from Chronic Fatigue (now known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis; These systems seem to be two sides of one coin, based upon my experience and extensive research. Clients who are often plagued with constant fatigue, colds, flus, non-restorative sleep and never feel well or energized, might be victim to either or both of these body breakdowns. There are many rule-outs before such diagnoses can be made (like depression and other biological disorders). Again, looking back on one’s stress history might be a good way of recognizing the likelihood of being in body/mind burnout which is what Dr. Wilson’s questionnaire proposes to do.

There is much more to be said on these subjects. My hypotheses thus far are from witnessing how many clients have been diagnosed with these health challenges after I have prompted them to look into them. I don’t dare to diagnose or presecribe as I’m not an N.D. (Naturopath) or an M.D. I sincerely wish for my clients’ whole being wellness. In order for them to flourish in this way, we have to explore many roads together. If those include visiting other healthcare avenues, then by all means, I strongly suggest that clients follow through and tap into all possible resources.

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