100 Stones of Grief

Grief therapy

The 100 Stones of Grief is a therapeutic exercise that will assist you in processing the challenging emotions that come with the loss of someone dear to you. Working with the Grief Cards will help you to move with and through your grief with the goal of bringing you to a place of deeper healing.

The 100 Stones of Grief Cards were designed to help anyone, young adult or older, who find themself grieving a significant loss.  However, the Cards are not intended for those suffering from miscarriages, pet loss, divorces or break-ups (future sets of grief cards may be forthcoming that will focus on these major losses as well). My heart goes out to all of those grieving such losses as well. One must have had a significant face-to-face relationship with the lost loved one to embark upon the 100 Stones of Grief healing experience.

The set includes:

  • 34 Grief Question Cards
  • How To Get Started & QR Code Card to purchase materials
  • Emergency & Crisis Information Card
  • Basic Instructions Summary Card
  • Author & Artist Bio Cards
  • The Welcome Letter
  • The Full Instructions
  • The 100 Stones of Grief Philosophy Letter

Why Offer the 100 Stones of Grief Cards Separately?

“As the creator of the 100 Stones of Grief Cards, I chose to have each person who embarked upon this journey purchase their own vase, stones & journal. One reason is that you might already have these materials at home. Secondly, if we included all of the materials in the packet, the cost/weight for the items along with shipping fees may have been exorbitant for many people. By offering the Grief Cards alone, those who cannot afford the materials would still be able to partake in the healing exercise by finding their own materials at manageable costs for their budget. This way, hopefully anyone who is seeking help with their grief does not need to have the added stress of financial constraints. At the same time, starting fresh with a beautiful glass vase of your own choosing, lovely polished stones and an inviting new journal can make the process even more powerful and healing.” (jj)

You can do the 100 Stones on your own or with others (they would need their own journal). There are 33 cards for 33 sessions of each round of cards. You will use 3 bags of stones — the largest stones for your first round, medium stones for your second round and the smallest stones (or pebbles) for your 3rd round. The purpose being for you to thoroughly process the emotions of each question/memory and notice the changes with each round. If the painful emotions are still overwhelming the second or third time through, it will help you to write more about them and then hold and release a stone to symbolize your ongoing grief process. The “100 Stones of Grief Philosophy” is included in the packet and describes the philosophy, psychology and process in complete detail. 

What You Need to Get Started

To get started, you will need a Healing Vase, Sacred Stones and a new Journal in which to write about your experience. You may also wish to purchase a special box to hold your Grief Cards and other items.

Here is a list of suggested products with links to purchase these items.

Empty glass vase

Your Healing Vase

Select a large, thick and clear vase, approximately 10-12 inches tall, with the width of the opening 4-5 inches to be able to gently place and remove stones or objects as needed.

A great example is this simple and inexpensive 12″ vase.

This is an excellent Online Vase Store (upper scale). Again, make sure the vase is clear, thick, tall and wide. Choose one that you feel drawn to and that you will potentially want to keep forever.

Healing Stones

Your Sacred Stones

Please select large (minimum 2×2 inches), medium (minimum 1×1 inch) and small (pebble-sized stones); at least 33 stones of each size.

Etsy has the best selection of beautiful stones of varying sizes.

Stores like Michael’s Art Supplies and Home Depot also have choices of stones.

Journal and pencils

Your Journal

Make sure it is large enough and has at least 100 pages. Try to choose one that is beautiful in your eyes so that you feel drawn to it for your vital healing work.

This colorful writing journal is a great example!

Stack of colorful card boxes

A Box for Your Grief Cards

(Optional for containing cards)

You may wish to purchase a special box for storing your Grief Cards and/or other items. If you are selecting a box, choose one that is large enough to fit the cards which are 5″ x 7″.

This photo storage box set is one great option!

These hinged lid storage boxes are another!

Ready to get started with your healing journey?

Whether you are grieving a loved one from days or decades ago, the 100 Stones of Grief can help you move through your grief to a place of healing.

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